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Authorized IGI Wax distributor.

EcoSoya Wax


Candle Wax

EcoSoya WaxEcoSoya™ waxes are created with pure, 100% natural soybeans. They are non-petroleum renewable resources, promoting the growth and care of our environment while burning crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow.

Melt Point Container Waxes Melt Point Pillar Waxes
111°F EcoSoya CB-Advanced 130°F EcoSoya Pillar Blend
122°F EcoSoya CB-135    
125°F EcoSoya CB-XCEL    


IGI Wax IGI candle waxes include a full line of innovative paraffin wax, vegetable wax, and hybrid wax formulations for jar filled and pillar/votive candles each tailored for the varying needs of a diverse customer base. As a leader in formulated waxes for the candle industry, we invite you to experience the advantages IGI blends will offer your candle business.

Melt Point Container Waxes Melt Point Pillar Waxes
130°F 1325 Paraffin Wax 163°F 1260 Hurricane Wax
139°F 2322 Palm Wax 139°F 1274 Mottling Wax
129°F 4616 Paraffin Wax 138°F 1343 Paraffin Wax
125°F 4627 Comfort Blend 138°F 1343P Paraffin Wax
119°F 4630 Harmony Blend 129°F 2778 Palm Starburst Wax
132°F 4636 Parafflex 130°F 2779 Palm Feather Wax
124°F 4786 Parrafflex 163°F 4761S Paraffin Wax
133°F 6006 Vintage Blend 128°F 4794 Paraffin Wax
127°F 6055 Veggie/Soy Blend 138°F 4807 Paraffin Wax
124°F 6098 Victory Blend    
145°F 6129A White Beeswax NEW! 145°F White Beeswax NEW!
145°F 6129B Yellow Beeswax NEW! 145°F 6129B Yellow Beeswax NEW!


Let it Shine's Wax Warehouse in Sacramento, CA. Let it Shine is the official West Coast distributor for the International Group, Inc. (IGI) waxes. What that means for you, is not only lower prices on all types of candle wax, but all of our wax is in stock and ready to ship! Pictured at left is a section of our West Sacramento Warehouse. We also have a warehouse in Kent, Washington.

The list above contains our most popular waxes for candle making.

Wax Additives:
Hardens your wax, helps bind the scent, prevents fading, or even create a mottling affect - we offer you a variety of additives to help you create the best candles possible.

If you require more than 2 case of wax or wax additives please contact us and ask for Jim - he'll give you a wholesale quote. (Yes, our wholesale prices start at 2 cases or more!) Please note that the EcoSoya waxes are already listed at pallet pricing for individual cases so there will not be an additional discount on that brand of waxes (unless you require multiple pallets).